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why twitch lagging?
It's bad here too. Other services are ok.
Brazilian fellas plz come
There are too many scandals already. He won't be reelected. All the flags that made him president are gone. Unless, of course, we see a massive plot twist.
Brazilian fellas plz come
This is a valid point, but only one of many. I'm very happy seeing so many libertarians here. Dont tread on me.
Brazilian fellas plz come
I'm also libertarian. The shit he's doing is very beneficial for the libertarian movement. People soon realize that there is no savior and we live better when we can do things ourselves. You sounded...
Brazilian fellas plz come
We're not "anti-logic/science". Government make us all poor by raising taxes from daily goods and services, and hampering our ability to open and maintaning business. Then, when stuff like this happen...
Brazilian fellas plz come
We are not dumb. And the shit Bolsonaro and his family is doing is nothing compared to the whole fucked up system that is our goverment, as a whole. When things like this happens, all our weaknesses ...
Brazilian fellas plz come
There are several factors contributing to this: - A LOT of people live month by month. Roughly 60% of the country makes less than 3k USD / year (1USD = 3,78 BRL — data from 2018) and can't afford to ...
Make your best rosters EU,NA,CIS,SA
NA: - Elige - Cerq - Nifty (IGL) - Brehze - Twitzz SA: - Fallen (Main Awper) - Kscerato (Fragger/Lurker) - Art (IGL / Secondary Awper) - Yuurih (Fragger) - Cold (Fragger/Lurker) EU: - Magisk - Xyp9x...
He won a lot of rounds by himself.
Me too. Me too...
After this I gave up on him.
Which CS:GO update would you like to see?
Too many cheaters, my friend. I even miss spinbots. It's all about "legit cheating" now – People trying the hardest not to get caught, but still using wall hacking and aim assists, which is more annoy...
Which CS:GO update would you like to see?
Brazillians won't aswell :(
source 2 after RtR