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Rank GTA games
1. GTA SA 2. GTA V 3. GTA IV 4. GTA VC 5. GTA III Between singleplayer and multiplayer (SAMP) San Andreas is hands down the game I've dedicated most hours of my life to
Rank GTA games
It had a trash port, that's true, but have you tried looking for a mouse/sensitivity fix?
Ya but money is money, and if some big team comes with a lot of money, then I'm sure they could end up buying Zywoo
CS GO World Cup?
my work is complete here 8/8
CS GO World Cup?
2 years ago Final vs Argentina kekw
Furia fans come
Probably a fakeflagger or smth cuz most brazilians support both teams
How's life going for you?
Finally interestink friendly thread 18 Studying atm but I'll start working as soon as I finish this semester I'm kinda satisfied but I want to start working and make my own money, plus this semester ...
Singularity vs x6tence
+1 Igual convengamos q x6 tendría q estar mejor teniendo en cuenta el tiempo q llevan jugando pero bue
choose a country and make your super team
If hen1 then who igl?
gaules more followers than s1mple
No, Londistan the land of stabbings and refugees
Since gaules started streaming, SK/Mibr started falling down... zika? eu acho sim But what happened to Bida though? I remember he used to be big back when LG/SK was on top EDIT: I see he became a co...
Game sites?
1337x torrents Skidrowgames Those are the ones I used back in the days, but nowadays its mostly Steam
Zywoo mystery
This very very insane...
GTA V free
Ofc not, people seem to forgot that although GTA V is still being played by many people, it's a game that came out in 2013 lol