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CS:GO maps tier list
Okay, fair enough
CS:GO maps tier list
What's wrong with forklift angle?
S1mple 1st round Vs COL
There was flash from T's aswell, so maybe he heard it and tried to dodge it. Just a bad timings and T's was awake at what was going to happen.
OG's map pool
Aleksi is probably best IGL in Nuke (with gla1ve), so he maybe believe they can win everyone in that map. And it's much less random than Dust2 or Mirage, where every tier3 team have a chance if they h...
cringiest clantag
fun fact: everyone who uses XANTARESPEEK or ROBOTAIM tag, have definitely worst aim in the whole DM server or bottomfragging in games. idk why, but it is always same thing.
Just ban Mirage and Dust2 first. You usually get funny reactions after that.
Player tier list
8. best rating of top20 teams. It's a disgrace he's not on hltv's top20 list, because he def deserves it. Why broky is in S-tier?
AWP abuser in casual, cringe
I would like to use a1 because it is a laser and you can easily kill the enemy with 2 bullets even in a long distances, but I usually play solo B so it's pretty useless because every B sites have shor...
people in dm
I play no sound DM only. No need to worry about running around and other ppl do it too. AWPers in DM is so annoying too. I accept it if you try to peek angles and play with AWP like a entry fragger,...
top 3 aimers
The way he peek every possible angle is pure art. Idk if ch placement = aim, but his ch placement is so so solid.
AWP needs change
yes, i watch the games and i look stats. only thing what i see is that awpers is top fragging and doing what they want in top level. i guess pros know how to throw nades and they still can't shut down...
AWP needs change
ah i see, pro scene = vitality, navi and astralis and rest is irrelevant. i guess you are one of the guys who cant do nothing with a rifle and just hold angles and crabwalk with awp. must be fun.