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Good team on Nuke?
Lmao, just check karrigan's videos or Blamef's twitch nuke if it is still there
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
https://prnt.sc/13l1lzp you should seek medical help
Enterprise vs Entropiq Prague
lmao delusional retard spotted XDD https://prnt.sc/13k40ny
Do pros cheat? Nope.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1LEzLGqj2U This one is my favorite, guy literally knows what he had done
Your 3 most recently played games on steam
AoE2 cs (unfortunately) Total war WH2
Sure it is, in 10 years it's gonna 20x its value, but I prefer higher volatility over stability, can't wait to see Solana on 700$
waste of capital, why would I ever want to do anything else besides scalping on btc literally every shitcoin is gaining 50-130% since last correction, I've personally cashed out on 7th of May, but do...
yet some ppl prefer to buy BTC LOL AHHAHAHAAH
hate on mirage?
Dogshit map for retards that are only able to walk out ramp or jump into topmid smoke, nobody else likes this map besides 3rd worlders from Balkan or premium tryharders in 2k21 that think they will go...
First tinder dating
im fakeflagger
First tinder dating
Personally, it depends on how well the date went, if it's dogshit then 50/50 If it went really well and you possibly seek to meet her again then I would insist on paying but if u are poor then just ...
Sleep paralysis
I get it in 100% cases whenever I sleep on my back. I mean it's annoying because you can't really move and you know that it's a fiction, but I sleep on my stomach since 13 because of that I got prett...
Should Mirage get cadiaN graffiti?
u gotta be brain damaged to think that a boring round as that deserves a graffiti
BITCOIN investment
https://imgur.com/a/sDlMsc6 Simple as that, TA works above all fundaments and all of these who deny are either retarded or unskilled Good luck sweating in some office for worthless currency that get...