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Top 5 Riflers 2020
I answered the niko thing to someone else when I gave this answer, he was playing faze and it was like shit honestly, electronics are still bad my own thought
Top 5 Riflers 2020
Faze period is very bad now transferred to g2 and playing well
NiKo Top 1 2020
this won't happen for now because she should get mvps by the end of the season
Name a country/region and I make team
first i don't support erdogan and secondly we speak csgo, loser
Name a country/region and I make team
Not the best team because a mixed team with Turkish players was made abroad for the best Turkish team and it will fall into BIG 50th place as there will be no xantaresin as before.
Name a country/region and I make team
a t240 csgo team xd consisting of only 2 real dutchmen
Name a country/region and I make team
Netherlands: bot bot bot bot bot Cause this is a loser scene without player xd
The players he mentioned are w0xic and syrsoN
Big has changed its squad like this, it entered the pandemic process, a team that has just started to sit still has been constantly changing before, these 5 players are very good teams, my opinion
c9 es3tag
No, he's just a citizen of a nation that doesn't want the Turks, and that's why the derogatory woxic was declared non-toxic just had a problem with mouse management
I can't understand, you don't understand, I'm trying to explain to you, you say that ropz got into the mouse. There is no data on the performance of the man, as xantares had no chance in the teams he ...
There have already been a lot of substitutions in the lan period, they haven't been a definite 5, towards the last period the last syrson and k1to have arrived and now we are watching the team, the sp...
You can look at the clutches and entrances where Big has gone this high.