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Sweden has no power in the North.
He's clearly generating a negative narrative and hiding himself behind anonymous sources. Probably has shorts in the shares.
The salary agreement was actually voluntary. Instead of trusting third party sources with their anonymous hearsay sources, I suggest you take the information that the group is legally bound to, and u...
People don't do it because they're stupid with the way that they spend their money. That's the sad truth of it. By stupid I mean that people seem to value some things way higher than the need for thi...
I wouldn't ever trade crypto's, as the risk level is simply too high for me. Instead allocate a part of your monthly budget to invest in tangible assets, that are not crypto currencies. Do this thro...
What these people don't tell you in most cases, is that the work that they're involved in, is extremely risky. To the point where you can lose 100% of the money you're playing around with. If the sy...
Why so many hackers these days??
This is happening in most games with multiplayer functions. It's a real issue. People first of all started learning how to write their own cheats, thats problem one. Problem two, is people got so g...
Americans afraid of German/Russian alliance
I don't think planning to live on a remote barren rock will solve any of our problems.. If we need more space, we should learn how to become void dwellers and live in between planets. That way there w...
Americans afraid of German/Russian alliance
Just people watching too much dystopia shite on netflix.. give a few years it'll be all about sci fi, space, colonizing. aint nobody got time to war when theres new frontiers to settle.
Americans afraid of German/Russian alliance
Not to mention the US military is probably the only military with fresh applicable experience in modern day warfare. Experience is always underrated when scaling military strength. At least america is...
1xBet official Q&A
That is not at all what he said. He said the margins are smaller. completely unrelated.
Sensible Betting
I bought the stock of the company. up 40% so far xD.. Made more money from buying betting stocks than i ever did betting.