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Heroic vs Apeks
nah trust me u won't keep that 10k even if you had it, you will always go back in esport matches, or anything to satisfy the gambling craving. trust me man got on a hot streak had 5k and mostly lose t...
Heroic vs Apeks
AHHAHAHAHA wtf mens 3$ bet on heroic to win some pennies xddd and unfortunately he even lost it xd
Vitality vs Heroic
u seems like a person who would cry on faceit after getting one tap and say "wtf hacker" LMAO just appreciate great plays man, a person is too good when ur even accusing them of hacking lol
Vitality vs Heroic
ahahah out of words men only chance they win is end in vertigo, idk kinda feels a bait for vitality winning mirage too bookies just baiting for da live odds
Vitality vs Heroic
ahaha most likely, had heroic winning this but no way they win mirage or maybe they can who knows what's the script here
Vitality vs Heroic
man i thought heroic had this from that 8-4 start, smh
Vitality vs Heroic
Testes from topfragging to being a bot on vertigo as always why can't they close it 3-1?
Vitality vs Heroic
I worry that too but yep heroic should end this on vertigo or else they will get demolished on mirage, or maybe just baiting the bettors so heroic will win next map who tf knows in online corona cs
Vitality vs Heroic
ofc map 5 for more cash money for the bookies, heroic choking vertigo to win mirage classic.
Vitality vs Heroic
Heroic just needs to kill Zywoo and misuta and they will secure the round.
Vitality vs Heroic
imagine thinking you're not the same vs Natus Vincere
who doesn't like weed these days lol
BIG vs fnatic
big 2-0 this, no way fnatic will reach overpass to just get beaten vs Natus Vincere
too delusional on that mafia shit, real bettors know 8-15 is over if they will push OT they will lose anyway lol vs Natus Vincere
typical 16-14 for over, handicap throw