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device out for several months; Jackinho under consideration on short-term deal - Report
Doesn't matter what he said it's what matter what he does and he does it sus as fuck he's going back mark this .
Astralis vs fnatic
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
FURIA announce addition of saffee
Good for them and saffe
Aleksib and nexa swap agreed - Report
Didn't even qualify for the major and got knocked out of Cologne by renegades idk what G2 seen but I'm sure it's not his igl ING capabilities lol
Aleksib and nexa swap agreed - Report
He best results was 3 years ago fluke running Katowice major lmao since then he only was in one pointless final .
Aleksib and nexa swap agreed - Report
G2 shooting their selves in the head lmao
Liquid confirm shox signing
I'll give it six months till they either bench shox or nitr0 .
Liquid confirm shox signing
It's nitr0 nevermind .
Liquid confirm shox signing
Who's the fifth ?
What is an era, and do NAVI have one?
Short answer yes and no as a Navi fan they need to dominate 2022 and win the next major so the era is official for me at least .
Natus Vincere vs G2
Poor G2 🥴 Navi gonna lose because I'm cocky imagine ,lol
NAVI send Heroic packing in Copenhagen
GG to heroic playing like that against Navi with a stand in instead of their core player (stavn) really well played .
Liquid vs Gambit
Gambit gonna violate Liquid they won't make the same mistake Navi did , Underestimating your enemy .
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Last year global final was lower bracket run if I'm not mistaking