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respect G2
TOP 3 teams in one group. Orgs have fun.
oh!!! so problematic to just mute them. ;/ And this thing happens not only with russians, all others do the same, for example, today I met polands stack who flooding voice chat even after their death,...
Ban all Russians from West EU Matchmaking
Another hater here. Im played many times with russians and have bigger winrate with them than with others. Just please them to speak english, I bet that 80% will do it. NOooo you sit there quietly and...
Worst Final Ever ?
sorry, but not. Haters gonna hate. Go sleep then if u think it will be bad final.
Boring final
Big day for NaVi fans. Actually for fans who are with them since the foundation of the team. Its team and organization with history, give some respect, please, hater.
It's sounds like when haters told that need to kick "Puppey" from dota 2 squad - they kicked him, and then starts losing line. Zeus is very good igm, starix mostly is coach and not igm. Captain needs ...
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Natus Vincere vs SK
yeah. This commentators on stream are bad even for who understand russian lang ;/ Need to mute stream.
omg stop it :D NiP one won = top1, NiP one lose = disband; NaVi one won = top1, NaVi one lose = disband; fnatic one won = top1, fnatic one lose = disband; etc... JUST FKING STOP IT PLEAS, u brainless ...
NiP core to retire?
ahahahha :D that stupid threads. Team is top3 every tournament and u wanna destroy this team? Are u stupid? Same as thread about Zues to leave NAVI, u even dont understand what will be furhther, u see...
About Na'Vi
+ And even for now they play realy good. Little more practice and we will see them at top(1-3) positions.
- allu + chrisJ
-allu +frozet1
Russian hate daily thread
And russians not cares about yours. You got the answer.
Russian hate daily thread
"why english-speaking people are so retarded as fuck and cant speak russian? why english-speaking people are braindead?????" Best logic, man!