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Vitality vs 9z
bro u actually got the first two picks and the final scores, but not the map winners correct nt though xD
K23 vs Dignitas
GL to both
now he is main awper, they switched roles earlier this week i think
Cashing out skins
i had like a good loadout building through trading, but realized that wasn't what i wanted eventually so i decided to sell them all and get something for myself. Waiting for the money tho, but still l...
Cashing out skins
yeah, i cashed out yesterday, the fee was 5% and it is now 7% so i decided, i gonna take all i have and cash out
Cashing out skins
i did cashed out, and i was said it could go like 5-7 days at max
furia leaked?
i mean the level of service you are getting in serbia?.... hmmm don't wanna underestimate, but max they can afford is what we've seen on iem katowice - a middle-to-low hotel/motel with bad surrounding...
furia leaked?
they moved to germany, not in serbia anymore
can bench him - doesn't the c9 players had like way too high wages and contract years? - look what happened...
i'd love to see the end of suffering - both for the players and the org, although a fan - some things just coming to an end at some point
next in line is fnatic - cmon!
I love Xyp9x,but he needs to retire
seems like you are gold nova spamming smokes 24/7 and not getting kills, but people, who actually feel the timing and where is the enemy model can do it way more frequently. - first part of this - i c...
I love Xyp9x,but he needs to retire
"smoke kills are just pure luck" - NO, its a bullshit! - u delusional or sth? "He is playing good" - He is playing meh last half a year, are you newfag or what? Dont remember his highlits? - probably...
I love Xyp9x,but he needs to retire
if he can't be in a situation to clutch, how can he clutch, like wtf... smoke kills are just pure luck, relying on them is not good... he is playing good, and EG were just better on nuke, that's it
fnatic csgo was never international, idgaf about COD or Dota2 tell me the success of mouz going international what is your point?