An Ex-Semi Pro with an undying passion for the game. Started playing CS 1.6 in about 2006-ish and here we are today :D

You might know me as the Skin Polls guy ;)

Don't really have a favorite team atm but I live and breathe for 2018 Astralis. My "fan of players" section is dedicated to my respect for peak Astralis while the featured teams are the teams that I enjoy watching at any given time, these change semi-frequently.

HLTV CS:GO Bot Script

I'm making an HLTV Users Bot Script for CS:GO! (i.e. CS:GO bots will have the names of HLTV usernames)
If you want to be a part of it, please check out this Google Form:

Note: I've started building the first iteration of the script. It'll have close to 75 mens)) in it!
ETA: THIS WEEK (as on 10th October 2021)

Game Stuff

Current Rank: Level 10 / Elo usually fluctuates between 2500 to 2700/ Peak: 3250
Team: Just 5 friends who happen to be decent at the game.
Role: Entry/2nd Awp/2nd Caller

All of my skin polls:

My Custom CS:GO Bots: (Updated May 2021)
Latest Changes:
> Added a lot of new pro Botprofiles
> Updated Roles for existing Profiles
> Moved all profiles from "Expert" tier to "Elite", as it caused a slight imbalance in games.
* The thread has been archived but the link in it is still active and being updated regularly.

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I'm so sorry if I missed any of you fellow mens))!

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You mens will be dearly missed((

Canada India

If I ever mention something about being or living in Canada and you're confused, nope, it's not a Fakeflag. I completed my studies in Canada and am planning to go back there for my full-time job.

If you visit my profile, I'll most likely pay a visit back, barring that I've not made a thread recently because I often have multiple visitors afterwards.

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Thanks for reading my bio, I'm not an expert in pretty much anything but if you have any queries, or simply wanna have a chat, send me a DM! (Can we have a better DM system btw, please HLTV <3)

Stay safe men))

Forum posts
Xyp9x re-signs with Astralis until 2025: "I can now use all my energy and focus to get the team back where we belong"
He's been a part of the greatest roster of all time and now just wants to secure his retirement and you call him scum. Seems right :D
Xyp9x re-signs with Astralis until 2025: "I can now use all my energy and focus to get the team back where we belong"
I mean from either Dupreeh or Magisk, I can't see them having trouble finding a good organization to represent. If one of them/both leave, chances are that they'll end up in an equally good team. Plu...
Xyp9x re-signs with Astralis until 2025: "I can now use all my energy and focus to get the team back where we belong"
or maybe magisk and dupreeh both leave blamef esetag dupreeh magisk some danish awper (ik there's barely any good ones that are free agents/in tier 2) Gla1ve remains a player and Bubz returns to the...
Xyp9x re-signs with Astralis until 2025: "I can now use all my energy and focus to get the team back where we belong"
+1 for the Dupreeh move, although idk man, Astralis as an org has a history of being nasty with their players. I wouldn't hold my breath on the bubzkji thing.
PUBG AK Gold Plate?
I'd disagree. I love the battle royale genre and understand that Pubg helped pioneer it but it falls flat on it's face in front of Warzone and Apex, atleast in it's current state.
PUBG AK Gold Plate?
I played it like two months back and unfortunately this is an accurate description. Not 90% for sure but way more than I'm okay with
Best coach after Zonic (CS GO, All time)
Don't be so harsh on Apex, credit to Xtqzz but he's a decent IGL.
Best coach after Zonic (CS GO, All time)
He is! Noone has won a major as a player AND as a coach
HLTV mens come
Not a huge fan of either but Lemonade is better from the two imo
LA Noire
+1 I used XP SP3 and it never crashed once
kennys most overrated player in cs history
I don't think there's any point in debating if you're just gonna turn it into a one-way argument. Regardless of what I say, you'll just stick to your point and prove try to prove me wrong with nonsens...
If Astralis win PGL Stockholm 2021
+1 the individuals of that team deserve so much better than a 0-3.
kennys most overrated player in cs history
To be considered Tier 1, more than half of the field should be from the top tier. Sure, 4 teams isn't enough to classify a tournament as tier 1. Because by that Standard, Elisa Fall 2021 would also b...
kennys most overrated player in cs history
1. I did 2. His prime is debated between 2014 and 15. I'm one of the guys who think it was with Envy when he initially joined.