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An Ex-Semi Pro with undying passion for the game. Started playing CS 1.6 in about 2006-ish and here we are today :D

Game stuff:
Current Rank: Level 10 / Elo usually fluctuates between 2500 to 2700/ Peak: 3250
Team: Just 5 friends who happen to be decent at the game.
Role: Entry/2nd Awp/2nd Caller

I play SoloQ matchmaking as a getaway from the grindy upper-middle echelon of Faceit, sometimes it's necessary to give yourself worse opponents to recover some of that lost self-esteem.
Highest Rank: Global (last achieved December 2020. deranked in January 2021)
Current Rank: Unranked Due to inactivity (Haven't really played MM lately, last rank was Supreme)
Bigtime Skins nerd; Casual Bettor; Everyday Dupreeh Enjoyer

Yes, I'm the skin polls guy:

Thanks for reading my bio, I'm not an expert in pretty much anything but if you have any queries, or simply wanna have a chat, send me a DM!

Stay safe men))

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RIP Maldives
RIP Maldives
Hold up, are you actually Eddeze?
RIP Maldives
+1 Typical shady government tactics
Best IGLs not as IGLs?
If you had to say ONE player then I'd say Gla1ve. His individual prowess throughout the Astralis 2018-19 run was insane. He maintained a very high level of ingame leading while also dropping MVP level...
Best FAMAS Skin
Very underrated. Simplistic and beautiful :D
Best FAMAS Skin
I'll keep doing this in-thread polls for the upcoming skins but the Galil does recieve a lot of requests. Seems like it'll win out the next one! Anyway, next poll will be AUG Skins. /closed
Best FAMAS Skin
Need one more vote for either Galil or AUG. Closing the thread if someone requests either of these skin polls!
Best FAMAS Skin
Why hello there, friend :D
Best FAMAS Skin
Mecha looks sick in any float imo. It slightly worn down just adds to the skin
Best FAMAS Skin
Check #25 men! I have a link in my bio if you want to check my past polls.
Best monster energy flavor ?
Hell is really good and not to mention, cheaper. I mean, if you just want an energy drink now and then yeah, it doesn't really matter but if you need consistent caffeine or Energy drink intake... it's...
Best FAMAS Skin
Best FAMAS Skin
Oh haha yeah. The amount of censoring in that nation is insane.
Whose POV are you watching today?
Probably whoever is holding the AWP on Astralis. I want to see how Dupreeh (or Bubzkji) differ from Device under Gla1ve.
Best FAMAS Skin
That happens a lot in these polls xD But yeah, Eye of Athena is absolutely beautiful. One of my teammates has it and it looks gorgeous with his Constrictor Handwraps.