Fuck you Jonathan See you in march of 2030
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Neymar and his stepfather
bntet to faze
In current form just NiKo is worth something Coldzera glory days are gone Olofmeister sucks so hard after hand injury Rain is sometimes glorious but he is too inconsistent Broky is good but too young ...
FaZe solution
Just sign proper dedicated AWPer like xsepower for example in place of olof and sign proper IGL like ALEX in place of broky/rain Rain is skilled player his aim is really awesome but he is so fucking i...
AWPers to Watch out for in 2020
Well i think Xsepower is more skilled and by far more impactful than this entire list maybe except Cerq and woxic
ONLY smart lads with high iq(70+) allowed
Yep Salvation and Dark Fate are overrated af T1/Genisys is slightly overrated T2/T3 are master piece
ONLY smart lads with high iq(70+) allowed
Generally T2 and T3 are by far the best then comes T1 and Genisys Salvation and Dark Fate are crap af Sarah Connor Chronicles is really good TV-series tho definitely recommended to watch
Alpha male.
Someone who is able to live in luxuries basing on his own skills/knowledge E.g Elon Musk
ONLY smart lads with high iq(70+) allowed
Terminator aka GODminator
Alpha male.
Both are betas
NEO vs TAZ 2002
Said by MIBR fan
FaZe IGL options
ALEX omegalul His tactics? NiKo go kill? Coldzera go bait? From these 4 guys Jerry seems to be the best Lekr0 is shit as IGL Steroid abuser is really nice player in terms of skill but after all stero...
FaZe IGL options
Jerry >> Zywoo go kill >>>> Steroid abuser >>>>> Deadkr0
FaZe IGL options
Explain his toxicity please
draw a csgo team
sLowi BMing Gen.g
Gen.G TOP1 LCK Gen.G TOP100 CS:GO CS:GO >>>> LoL