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North vs FaZe
This is perhaps the most hilarious choke I’ve ever seen
North vs FaZe
Pretty sure this won’t be the last RMR event. Valve said in their statement in September that they wouldn’t host a major until RMR events could be held on LAN, which most likely means there will be at...
Coldzera IGL????
NiKo is the main IGL. I think it’s been said that cold does some secondary calling on T sides and maybe calls some of the ct sides.
celebrate here faze fans only please
Watching NiKo is aids
NiKo is involved in more opening duels (statistically) than anyone else on FaZe lmao
OG vs FaZe
If Broky just posts up in market window that round then Faze win it ez
“C9 C9 C9”
6th man on the way as well so 4/6 = 67%
c0ntact rigoN
Snappi said yesterday on the Flashpoint Q&A that Espiranto had a personal issue he needed to attend to for a few weeks, and that he'll be back practicing with the team by Monday
c9 floppy yeah/nay ?
The EG squad right now are one of the best in cs right now. I don’t think Brehze would want to leave that right now, even if EG as an org are on the way out. That team would have no issue finding a ti...
c9 floppy yeah/nay ?
Liquid vs Mythic
ez revenge for adren
Bymas in 2020 - 0.98 rating, 0.88 impact
Old C9 to FPX?
They probably wouldn’t hire a GM if they were just planning on buying out an existing 5 man roster
Old C9 to FPX?
There will probably be more RMR events after the upcoming one since the major will probably be May 2021 so they can easily lose their spot.
Funplus Phoenix
They should build around daps imo