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Vitality + Kyojin
??????????????? What more does Nivera have to do to get decent playing time????
flameZ overhyped
Isn’t everyone a t2/3 player before getting onto a t1 team?
Mouse weight + sens
87g, 560 eDPI
Lineup you miss?
My lineup for window on mirage. I miss that often.
flameZ (Endpoint)
flameZ (OG)
I miss C9
You’d assume that c9 still have to pay their players to an extent though surely? Perhaps not full salaries if there were clauses about a lower salary while being benched in their contracts, but until ...
ALEX's buyout is probably huge so I don’t think there’s much chance Endpoint will pay that. Mezii's would prob be lower, so he’d be a good replacement for FlameZ when a better team buys him out which ...
Endpoint seriously ????
Ye no doubt, if the team mesh well and Rain adapts well to new role then this Faze can be pretty damn good.
Endpoint seriously ????
Correct ;)))))
Endpoint seriously ????
Endpoint 2-0'd Fnatic, so: I honestly wonder how come a team like fnatic are In ESL, I mean maybe there are having a bad-game but it just feels very low iq, not blaming anyone but when you watch pro ...
Mezi where?
Endpoint were looking to get Mezii when Thomas left, so if FlameZ gets picked up by a team like OG then if Mezii's buyout is reasonable enough then it would be a natural fit for EP to pick him up.
Next LAN when?
LEC are showing it’s possible to run a no crowd studio LAN right now, with their playoffs being in their Berlin studio starting later this week. So ESL could conceivably make DH Masters Spring a studi...
Endpoint 5-0 16-0 every game sorry guys