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FaZe vs OG
Atleast learn to Pronounce/Type names before adding and kicking players. Delusional French Gold nova confirmed.
FaZe vs mousesports
Have you seen him play FPL? You are such a dimwit. Reach to that level first and then talk shit about other pro players. He plays good. Talk sense next time or else don’t bark on others opinions. Fuck...
FaZe vs mousesports
Nah, you don’t get my point. They are almost there, but fuck up due to shit timings and communication. I don’t see a problem in their strats and aim.
s1mple, NiKo, electronic,ropz, coldzera
Niko Cold Rain Mantuu Valde OR Nike Cold -Rain +Valde Mantuu (if Mantuu wants to rifle again) Zywoo Best team. Realistic.
FaZe vs mousesports
Mantuu Misutaa /Valde Niko Cold Rain It’s the only good and doable team I can think of right now.
Top 5 F1 Drivers of all time
No Ayrton Senna?
FaZe vs mousesports
Considering Faze’s form, Faze will win the ESL pro league.
Yeah probably why he beat the shit out of Forze. Thanks to me. “THE LONG MOTIVATIONAL MESSAGE”
I don’t think this’d be a toxic team. All the players respect each other a lot here and wouldn’t demotivate or show each other that who is better through rage in any way.
Niko is doing well with Faze. Nitro is/was doing good with Liquid. Tarik did good in C9. Bntet was a good IGL + Player in Tyloo, it’s just that his teammates couldn’t perform against tier 1 team...
Elige Bntet NAF Stew Brehze/Twistzz
Gen.G vs MIBR
Baingan 😭😭😭😭😭
As ugly as Chinese women!
I direct messaged him on Instagram lately and he said “Thanks for the lovely long motivational message and I really appreciate it a lot, but everything will be fine on my and the team’s side soon. Che...
Why FaZe will win vs. Housesports
HOW IS WOXIC BETTER THAN OLOF? Olof isn’t allowed to play aggressive given his role, whereas Woxic HAS to. If stats matter to you guys, you guys need to stop having an opinion. If he goes back to ...