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Faze Twistzz vs Faze NiKo
Niko career > Twistzz career + next 2 years Don’t compare Niko with Twistzz pls. NiKo Atleast uses his aim in G2 to kill someone, whereas Twistzz blatantly whiffs like a tier 5 player I don’t know ...
when FaZe lose
Yes they will because it’s a t1 event Other t2-t3 teams who moved up in rankings is because of lack of t1 tournaments during them having multiple t2-t3 tournaments
Olof haters
I believe
Faze Olof/Ropz
Faze Olof/Ropz
See ya on Lan
Faze Olof/Ropz
How exactly? Playing with experienced players on LAN > playing with new players I agree they won flashpoint and props to them, but let’s be realistic.
Guardian more finals and longer prime
Mcdonalds Job Status
Be polite to customers, welcome them enough, try talking in a friendly way + work on your vocabulary to work there by noticing your colleagues, be nice to your seniors and respect them and work on spe...
Will ZywOo overcome s1mple in 2021?
His name
FaZe Ropz omg
Successful what bro? Faze has been around since a long time and won multiple trophies with different rosters in CSGO itself. Maybe they aren’t that good now because they have just gotten rid of th...
ropz to faze almost confirmed
Funny that some people think Mouz on LAN will be better than the experienced veterans of Faze with ropz.
ropz to faze almost confirmed
Yeah as a spectator it’s easy for you to call out people like Karrigan and rain. Teams aren’t made overnight by adding star players or aimers. Chemistry inside the game and outside the game matters ...
Who tf are FaZe gonna get now?!
NiKo was the captain/IGL Blame faze how much ever you want, but Karrigans departure and the YNK + Cold thingy was all done by Niko. He also ruined Olofs confidence by giving him shit roles which Olo...
FaZe Ropz omg
And NiKo ruined Olof, rain and guardian? But why would he, right? He’s getting big bucks on G2 now
Cromen robbed
Yeaaaahhh that but it still means a lot