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Do you use Telegram?
wdym deals list? like official brands giving discount codes?
sounds enemy can hear
yes i think
Best city in the World
What's your opinion on Brisbane compare to Melbourne? I never got the chance to go to Melbourne, but imo Brisbane was absolutely stunning
HELP I Opened collection and got Pink (Ump-45 Fade)
no, every new item you get has a 7-day trading ban. i think it was put in place 2017ish. the only way to get around it is to sell on the steam market, which allows you to sell any item immediately
HELP I Opened collection and got Pink (Ump-45 Fade)
sell on market refers to a third party site I think (think csmoney, buff). while you do sell it on the market, you have to wait 7 days because the market's bot has to trade for it.
Mouz threw 16 rounds in a BO3
lmfao your description of m1 r17 is pretty much how my friend's silver 1 matches go
Moving out for uni
nah lol just curious. first year dorms are usually either single or shared rooms with communal bathrooms and common rooms. the entire floor is same gender, if not the entire building in most cases, so...
Moving out for uni
what uni does that? first im hearing of this
floppy coming back???
POG if true
NHL fans come here 2.0
KC or denver? either way that's pretty cool. Kind of jealous of you, it seems like I wont get my jersey signed
NHL fans come here 2.0
f u broncos playoff bound this year trust me
NA Students Come
90k per year? are you classified as an international student?
Baseball LOL
In the early days of baseball, player-managers were pretty common. Managers wearing jerseys is just tradition now
I feel bad for dexter
I actually saw Dexter arguing with his kid at the airport. His kid was clutching at his Renegades jersey in tears, and Dexter kept telling him to "fuck off" and "stop ruining my dreams"