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Pinnacle announces Winter Series I featuring Eternal Fire, Apeks, Sprout
finally no dream team for this 322 tournament? Feels good and bad at the same time - good only decent tournaments with decent teams will matter,bad because less dream teams and less prizes
chawzyyy revealed as Apeks' fourth player
2 snipers in 1 team feels weird man
Cloud 9
in terms of skill
Cloud 9
NA region is dead aside liquid.
Evil Geniuses in talks with RUSH as valde negotiations break down - Report
Valde is safe right now +RUSH SALARY GENIUSES
looking for a song
hans zimmer,2steps from hell
Your mother raised amazing child,looks like you are enjoying life wishing death to people,not because you are smart little farmer,get well soon
very mad farmer,fan of k1to and BIG i feel bad for you,hope your sickness is fixable
clown from poland who support team with 0 achievements and being toxic :D relax kid no one will steal your apples or strawberries from your farm
INCREDIBLE AIM 0.97 raiting during past 3 months 0.98 K/D ratio during whole life. tizian is just the worst player on tier1-2 scene Tabsen is good syrson inconsistent gade avg support player.
G2 set to bring in XTQZZZ, in talks with Aleksib - Report
especially when hunter plays lurker role? Or he baits as CT holding a plant ?
G2 set to bring in XTQZZZ, in talks with Aleksib - Report
Why -Amanek instead of Jackz who is 10491049104 times better ?
how to fix finnish cs scene
oh you were joking about the old SHUFFLE HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHA best thread i`ve ever read