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Share your 5 favourite games
Imagine me with like 10 years old, watching the anime everyday, and then I found out that there was a game of my favourite cartoon.
if BIG and Dignitas dont win
How much?
Share your 5 favourite games
Final Fantasy VII (classic) Megaman X Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories GTA 3 CSGO (like it or not I think it's the game I've played the most) As you can see there isn't any games from X360/PS3/X1/PS4 beca...
orgs that should have a major
Well, if Faze had beaten Clown9, that Major would have lost his importance. "the team with the most investment won, big news"
orgs that should have a major
If that was a case, then Clown9 could win another major. Faze will keep struggling as long as they keep wasting money on washed up, expensive players with no chemistry whatsoever.
Psychological health is important AF but in countries with poor education (like mine), people overlook it.
Sht absolutely rigged
your desktop
Windows XP wallpaper OFC
Tips to improve performance?
Things I would check if I found myself in this situation: thermals, then video config (check if multicore rendering is turned off), then check for any background processes stealing CPU usage.
Calyx hate?
If you put Calyx into a team with no structure whatsoever, he will look like a baiter. If Flushas' actually grind with time enough, this weird mix can actually bring some heat to tier 2.
+try -junior
9z beat Vitality was a major upset but try has been proving himself for quite a while. The best option would be for 9z to compete NA events, but I don't know if this is even a viable option all things...
ISSA valorant
That's the thing. CSGO is not so easy to run PROPERLY on lower end hardware, while valulrant works well even with dual core CPUS. If Volvo eventually brings a new game, it would be even harder for pot...