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MM Overwatch Case
I consider this legit, LEGIT CHEATIN NOOB. Most people who desagree that Chaos used cheat at least in that series, are just baitin cause MiBR is struggling again.
Dual core CPUs actually struggle a lot when you try to run, for example, CONTRSTRIKC GLOBAL OFFNSV and at the same time, say, Chrome. You can find a temporary solution with stuff people said above, bu...
MM full of cheaters again.
GC is pretty fucked up tho. Few weeks ago I (lvl 11~ 13) was getting my ass kicked by smurfs. One of them told me he created the account cause there are too many "suspicious" players in his real acc (...
best fragging igl
is* mas provavelmente o china tá baitando
I don't know if this is even possible, but - daps + nitr0 (lulquid pick an EU AWP who can kill a lot).
R8 Future PC
Boring. The cooler is nice, though.
Tier 2 team that you want to see succeed in 2020
Remastered Games
I don't see any reason to remaster PC games from PS3/Xbox360. That being said, I would like to see some games getting remake/remaster tratment, like Parasite Eve (PS1), Breath of Fire, and I few other...
r8 grill from uni
Looks like a western european version of myley cyrus
What game should I grind
I got myself almost 500 hours of turbine fortress 2 but I still don't know much about the game
What game should I grind
I think you should try out vaLULrant. Even if it is a mere copy from CSGO in a few aspects, it's a way to start fresh and still you can make good use of the aim you mastered in CSGO. Remember that stu...
WoW Classic
Can you guys give me some advice about starting as a fresh new player on this game? Kinda bored of FPS (can't get past thru AK on MM for months) and I don't fell motivated to start campaign on single ...
selling Clash of Clans account
Now people can even buy other accounts? That's a creative way to fill high level matches with even stupid decks