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Thorin and Richard Lewis are LIVE with BTN!
I often watch both, but hltv is a lot better. Richard Lewis is starting to drop a lot more fake information...and backs his arguments with wrong "facts".
is awp op? yes/no
"AWP isn't op"
If AWP was op Niko would be a top 10 player.
"AWP isn't op"
It's not op. You have to be a real star player to be able to perform with it at T1 level. Punishing an awp is easier than anything
s1mple has broken the skill barrier
he's also the best player (by very far) we have ever seen with any weapon
s1mple has broken the skill barrier
S1mple has reached levels that will never be reached by anybody else....the way he uses his awp is super hard, he literally uses it like a riffle, never seen that before
ZywOo ranking 2021
zywoo doesn't even deserve to be top 7
NaVi on LAN
Navi on lan is the best team. No question. They could have dominated cs for 1,5 years since Katowice if it wasn't for covid
Do people really expect NAVI to win?
Lol navi is the huge favorite even before the tournament started as this is on Lan. Navi is at 50% right now, against a 100% g2 and navi still winning
G2 vs Natus Vincere
dude, you never played any version of cs competitively. Get some knowledge first, we'll talk later.
G2 vs Natus Vincere
Navi threw that pistol
G2 vs Natus Vincere
5vs3 with these setups aren't advantages... doesn't matter if you have the first 2 kills when navi making sure they can have the remaining players lurking like that so they can have 2 kills back in or...
G2 vs Natus Vincere
these aren't even advantages lol...