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FaZe vs NiP
I 100% believe you. At least your friend is an honest man and not paycheck thief:)))
FaZe vs NiP
Jugi was a mad paycheck stealer but since he is gone twist is undisputed. Disgusting how he gets paid money for a living to miss shots that top #300 teams dont even whiff
FaZe vs NiP
Twist is such a fucking paycheck stealer it's not even funny. How is he getting paid year in and out to miss the easiest fucking shots of his life on the awp? Waste of oxygen awper
Astralis vs NiP
Paycheck thief Twist hours again
FATE vs HellRaisers
5V2 Lose 5 straight post plants lose Such obvious fucking matchfixing. These apes deserve prison so badly.
Imperial vs Dignitas
Xizt + Friberg should not be allowed to do this shit for a living. Holy fucking shit they suck dick.
Attax need to be thrown in jail for this matchfix
Copenhagen Flames vs MIBR
Likely. He cant fucking sit still and hold aim for more than 0.5 second or he has to jump or run around.
Singularity vs MIBR
Hardscoping like that should fucking put you on a permaban to play CS in the pros forever
lvlUP vs Tenerife Titans
8-3 to 9-16 xD Nice job ape retards
Evil Geniuses vs FURIA
cry is free
Cloud9 vs Yeah
These fucking apes keep force buying every single fucking round. They havent won a single force buy and keep doing it. So fucking cringe.
Cloud9 vs Yeah
Honestly, what's so frustrating is that these rounds aren't down to Yeah being worse mechanical players. They are just so fucking stupid, like actual favela monkeys. You fucking force buy at 5-6 which... vs Syman
Obvious fucking matchfix. Throw these retards in jail ASAP.