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I like to post statistics about CS at my twitter page, you can follow me there. =D @csgo_statistic
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I use a Copenhagen mint can.
Your breakfast!
Bread cheese + salami, a glass of some fresh juice (Orange, apple, sometimes pipneapple) and a banana or an apple.
R6 Sweden SixMajor
For the is the opposite, I enjoy R6 because of the drones and the defense style.
apEX lastest tweet
Yes, but in LOL the drama was for real. I remember that some brazilians lol players also went to talk abou this, and the others teams said they had no ideia because they work only in the social media ...
apEX lastest tweet
If i'm not wrong last year or the year before that, this almost went sh't way in League of Legends. Brtt a brazilian pro player from LOL complained that in Worlds the orgs would abuse this engagement ...
Brazil community appreciation thread
Liminha deserves only the best in his life.
My first car
That is amazing, I'll make sure to try to ride a bike at snow on my next trip to EU. Must be hard to keep a good speed, I really want to try it. By the way, -25ºC it's death frozen for me, while 30ºC ...
My first car
Ahh sorry. Honda Civic is a cool car, he has style. =D
My first car
Didn't know about that, thanks for the info. I'm used to the sun and beach, so I couldn't think of enjoy cycle in the snow.
My first car
It wasn't a joke. in the South hemisphere we are in the spring, and it's getting hotter. That's why I said to buy a bike, I don't have touch with the snow, but I can guess that is hard to go to all th...
My first car
Somehow I forgot that you guys are entering the winter season. In the snow there is nothing to do, buy a nice a car, I would suggest a Honda Civic.