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Future Roster Changes
Or maybe they made a deal to stay quiet about it.
Future Roster Changes
I think lekr0 got a faze deal and they will put bymas to 6th player would be smart move to play rmr with bymas then play major with 6 man roster with lekro in the main squad. Or they kick bymas since...
maybe he has one already but they dont wanna sign it yet. Maybe if he is going to faze they will wait for last rmr tournament then decide what to do. But when I think it faze might sign him for six p...
navi fix
yea it was joke :D all russians in mm always 300 ping
navi fix
4 russians with 300ms moscow ping cant win coz bad net kek :DD
is zyw00 overated?
hahaha not even top 10 player imo
Device GOAT
6 years of playing in next month and yeah i know but its just hard baiting game when it comes to device its so fuckin boring to watch if u compare device and simple for example both are very constant ...
Device GOAT
hes game play is only camping one angle until he get kills or get killed. He never do any good push plays like zywoo or simple he just camps camps and camps thats why he is so fuckin shit and hated. i...
oops yes thats what i was talking about mybad
and dont forget who stopped astralis on their nuke streak :D
yeah but why ence fans wouldnt be happy after katowice? after katowice they won big tournament and made it to the finals 3 times and even one time finals without aleksib and berlin major semifinals ...
Astralis UNIBET
csgoatse u bet skins get credits then withdraw skins but those withdraw prices are so high
Jamppi to sue valve
yes u dont even have to be rich to do that the fines are like 500€ --> 5000€
Jamppi to sue valve
if this sue is going to take place at finland he will win it 200% have u ever heard about our laws in finland <rape someone =get some fines if u are first timer if not maybe 1 year probation and fine...