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I rate you as player
I rate you as player
when we play as 4 we just go bam bam hs ez 2800 elo. We have one guy with awp and 3 hs masterinho. Retardos try roles without team in pugs LOOLOLOLOLOLO
I rate you as player
Fav Gun : ak Role : LOOL roles XD Sensitivity: 1.2 Dpi : 800 Zoom sens : 1 cl_righthand : righthand rank : globul faceit lvl 10 soloQ : 1, 2, 3, 4Q
If you could choose your birthplace and date of birth, what would it be?
mars 2080
U stupid XD
ufff lucky duda won. I dont want to pay some reparations to jews for WW2. But to be honest one is worst than other. Trzaskowski is basically Tusk and Duda stupid moron gives money left and right to ol...
I hate waking up early
waking up after 9am should be illegal lazy fucks XD Best feeling ever waking up 5.30 do your shit alone noone to bother you just go to sleep 6 hours before u want to wake up. Only pussies cant get out...
Rio Major cancelled
warsaw or katowice. Best crowd ever Pasha biceps can play 1v5 as host team
Erling Håland
Next season still in Borussia. If he get around 7.20 sofa score rating or more and 15+ goals we can see him in top top clubs maybe in Bayern. Lewandowski is getting old and we know history for those 2...
Polish party
i agree every polish party look like tjhatv
Mario Götze hahaha i never saw his stats. Broo 6.43 its like one of worst bundesliga players.
Mario Götze
i dont think he would play in tottenham arsenal maybe and everton maybe. Arsenal love shit players soo