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EXTREMUM vs Spirit
I am not sure extremum will win this. Bo 3 and spirit can take them best map Maybe 1 - 2 for spirit. Mpa pick Ex ban overpass Spirit ban vertigo Ex pick inferno ( ex win) Spirit pick dust 2 ( spir...
Spirit vs 1WIN
Kekw sorry about it i dont read it bo1. But still 1win in nuke
Gambit vs Cloud9
Ez game gambit 2 - 0 vs clown 9 Map pick C9 ban mirage Gambit ban nuke C9 pick overpass ( gambit win) Gambit pick vertigo ( gambit win) C9 ban train Gambit ban dust 2 Inferno decider
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
ez pz king simple will crush clown9 2 - 0 fast Map pick C9 ban mirage Navi ban vertigo C9 pick overpass ( navi win) Navi pick nuke ( navi win) C9 ban dust 2 Navi ban train Inferno decider
Gambit vs MIBR
Ez game gambit 2 - 0 mibr Map pick Mibr ban train Gambit ban nuke Mibr pick dust 2 ( gambit win) Gambit pick vertigo ( gambit win) Mibr ban overpass Gambit ban mirage Inferno decider
Spirit vs 1WIN
Let see bets for 1win. Cause spirit too bad vs tier 4 Spirit ( 1 ) vs ( 2 ) 1 Win Map pick 1win ban inferni Spirit ban vertigo 1win pick train ( 1win win) Spirit pick dust 2 ( spirit win) 1win ban...
Levitate vs The Commission
Ez game commision 0 - 2
Jkaem ( ex - apeks) vs apeks. Bntet vs kreaz ( ex GenG stand in) What a game!!! But 2 - 0 for extremum Jkaem will carry Exmum
Forze 1 vs 2 Extreme Mum Always throw one game kekw
EXTREMUM vs Izako Boars
Extremum 2 - 1 boars Always throw 1 game kekw
EXTREMUM vs Winstrike
Extremum 2 - 1 winstrike
Extremum 2 - 1 Honoris
Vitality vs Liquid
Vitality vs liquid 2 - 0 Map pick Liquid pick inferno ( vita win ) Vitality pick nuke ( vita win ) MVP Zywooooo
Astralis vs G2
Astralis vs G2 2 - 1 Map pick G2 pick nuke ( G2 win ) Astralis pick dust 2 ( astralis win ) Train decider ( astralis win ) MVP Device
Complexity vs Natus Vincere
Ez game Complexity vs Navi 0 - 2 Map pick Col pick mirage ( navi win ) Navi pick nuke ( navi ) MVP My Lord Simpleeeeeeee