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mhL is the best AWPer, don't @ me
Forum posts
i guess ur rank
At the time of posting it was either gn2 or gn3, so nice
Official: Complexity sign Extra Salt roster with Grim, junior
Lets goooo dude. I think these lads will likely be the best NA team in a year.
most overrated player
MOUZ NXT vs VP.Prodigy
Reminder that mhL has been the best tier 2 AWPer for a while and should move to tier 1 sooner than later.
jkaem reunites with Apeks
+STYKO +JKS pls and thanks
Apeks announce nawwk as second player of new roster
Honestly, been trying to figure out my allegiances with all of the shuffles but that would be such a killer roster. Great players with a lot to prove having the opportunity to build back into being a ...
Apeks announce nawwk as second player of new roster
+Jkaem +JKS was my first thought. +STYKO or +Bubzjki could be great for the final slot. Could be a very fun team to watch
Your reddit recap?
Oshi no Ko is fire
Who is your Spotify Artist of the Year?
same here
Tier 1 2 3 system
I guess I wouldn't even consider lower teams as part of a tier. But I see your point, certainly tracks.
Tier 1 2 3 system
Jokes on you, I actually follow Coalesce which is currently #80 in the world. And there is a very clear gap between them and teams like LDLC that I think is worth noting.
Spotify daily mix
1. FUR 2. Coyote Kid 3. Porcupine Tree
Tier 1 2 3 system
There are 15 teams I would consider t1 right now, not necessarily the top 15. They are the teams that have been present at premier events for an extended period of time and generally have higher expec...
favorite pro player
Flair + Mir +JKS. Oh and arTisT for the tier 9000 scene