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Sampi vs IQUE
Halo, noobiq konecne pozitron, ten kluk se nezda
Sinners vs Sprout
The question is, if kressy will throw the match as last time on inferno or not.
Sinners vs Sprout
Neofrag showed some funny clips on his stream and there was a clip from pracc against sprout nad the score was 19:2 for sinners on dust 2, also he said it on stream
Sinners vs Sprout
Ez for sinners, they are completely destroying sprout on praccs
F1 winners and losers
Yes, I agree with you. With this lineup they will have really big potential as lecrlerc will be driver 1 and sainz is really solid driver number 2 who will be consistent and really similar to Bottas. ...
F1 winners and losers
Actually they improved but the improvement is not enough, they become a midfield team, i see them as the 6th or 7th fastest. Even alphatauri is faster. But their strenght really depends on their engin...
F1 winners and losers
Biggest loser is sainz. Got to ferrari, will drive in he midfield before being after 2 years with really bad reputation as he is gonna be destroyed by leclerc. I think he should have stayed in mclaren...
Sinners vs SAW
The cz/sk is reschedulled to 16:30 CET, so it will be played straight after this one
Who will play for OG?
Because he is in the Endpoint's lineup in Snow sweet and they cannot repalce him. In the dreamhack qualy yesterday they played without him
Who will play for OG?
Flamez he was not playing with endpoint dreamhack qualy
Sinners vs PACT
Ez 4 Adam "investor" Zouhar, jindra "prohral na empiru barak" Chyba a Tomáš "jdes na basket?" statsny
Izako Boars vs Sinners
okay siuhy is a monster and he has so much potential. bright future ahead of him.
Izako Boars vs Sinners
siuhy? who is he? I havent heard about him before, but I doubt that he is comparable to neofrag or shock with the same or similar age