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Why tf not? how does the game being more developed mean that winning now is more valuable? if you won back then it just meant u were ahead of everyone else at the time. Your list makes no sense, all a...
its a bad map for him but that happens, he's not zywoo. All im saying is people act like he bottom frags or loses maps for g2 more often that not which isn't true. even when he's not top fragging his...
but g2 won d2? and inferno is actually one of kennyS's worst maps and dust2 is one of his bests. nothing you said makes sense u just watch 3 or 4 games and think u know what you are talking abt
Kenny hate
so far in this bo3 he had 1 bad first map (but g2 still won) then a good 2nd map and a very good start so far in the 3rd map (1st half) When he plays good, no one talks. when he plays bad everyone t...
Sometimes i am more confident in g2 winning when he's on a rifle then when he's on a awp now lmao
He's winning nuke for them right now though
Art seriously
There's way better ways to get info for your team lol. And even when he gets the info he will repeek and give himself up. There's no denying that his aggresion costs furia more then it gains
Art seriously
not even man.
How do you not get annoyed at his voice or beard
potential players in top 20
I don't really think mantuu deserves top 20 tbh
Ur Sens
1800 DPI 1.5 sens Used to be 1800 2.33 but my last team convinced me to lower my sense cause it was so high
Top 10 Awpers RN
Zywoo S1mple Device Syrson Kenny hen1 Cadian Jame Mantuu acor
Why Zywoo don't play FPL?
Most of the tier 1 pro teams have like dietists and personal trainers for their players
Best player demo to watch?
S1mple has some of the best rotation skills, you can learn alot from watching his demo's. as long as ur not braindead and think "s1mple went for noscope hear i should do it too!"
s1mple is the only one who comes close purely stats wise to kennyS's peak. But kennyS still better. And even if u were to say s1mple its def not "not even close" and coldzera??