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RpK casual Ace against BIG
now you r abusive :)
5 days to MIBR show
who they are playing in 5 days?
RpK casual Ace against BIG
you didn't just that was what one could read from the comment
RpK casual Ace against BIG
you tell me
RpK casual Ace against BIG
how is this his fault?
RpK casual Ace against BIG
it seems you are still sad that you didnt make it
RpK casual Ace against BIG
try to repeat! waiting for the link.. oh you don't get to play against BIG? how sad.
I have achieved quite a bit in life actually and did play competitively before (1.6) - that is why I think I can say that and would encourage everybody to believe in themselves more and worship others...
es3tag > ecovice
this is a comment from some genius who has very little clue about csgo and what it takes to be consistent in this game - just ignore it
:D typical loser I have met many in my life - as said I don't need to prove anything to you or anyone - glhf worshipping others I just tried to make a point which you simply cannot understand - sorry...
I don't need yours or anyone's confirmation - but you are wrong, the reason I don't play csgo at pro level is because I prefer to have it as an entertainment rather than a job.
most probably yes
sorry I was talking about my abilities then
he is alright but I would assume any of you could be similarly good if you spent the same amount of time playing.
wearing mask 10h at work
Working from home - only wear it on public transport and entering restaurants