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Qatar 2022 boycott ?
as long as you watch it you are enabling FIFA to fund/decide on the location of these events - it is in all of your hands really
Gaules tested positive for COVID-19
your welcome Sir try not to stress about college - just prepare and talk to your class mates even if it feels hard think of that how many ppl got through it already - I myself completed 2 college co...
Gaules tested positive for COVID-19
Typical Russian bear talk 🙂
owen butterfield
he is the proof that navi/vitality wins as a team not only to one player.
they have a 11 man lineup Ast5+1 and Ast Talent? another salty swede unsatisfied about their neighbour - sorry for trolling
Astralis best dust2 team in 2020
this just makes playoff exciting - without ast/navi dropping their semis it would be so much more predicitble props to all guys putting the extra miles in to contest these teams
Astralis best dust2 team in 2020
person with brain - welcome please comment more!
surprisingly due to the fact Ast and Navi dropped their respective semis the playoffs become more exciting
If big would go full Jerman
me, I speak some German and have pale skin blue eyes and blond hair? :)
AMD won over NVIDIA!
especially that you will not play high settings to avoid input lag so you'd probably getting around 300 min even in 4k.
AMD won over NVIDIA!
for a consistency perspective the minimum figures matter not the max so if you want to play cs at 4k at 240hz the best is rtx3090 considering you can only get 144hz monitors at 4k the rtx3070 is your...
how tf did Astralis overtake Na'vi to be #1 again?
I'm glad; you are not the first one who I made smarter today :)
how tf did Astralis overtake Na'vi to be #1 again?
what a loser mentality - there is a point system which they show ever month, read it in principle ranking is based on event placings with most recent events favoured and the older ones get downgraded...