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R8 this cute girl
She has a very natural look, that's for sure
Clout9 team why what?
I look at the names of current C9 and it looks like some top 50 team. Incredible, I don't get it. Huh.
165hz vs 240hz
I switched from 144hz to 240hz. Not really different. 60hz to 144hz was a big jump
Are you pro-gun?
UK outlawed guns almost completely, and to my knowledge it has worked well
Are you pro-gun?
I would suspect HLTV teenagers are mostly pro gun because guns are exciting to them
Valorant vs CSGO
No CS:GO pro who is playing at high level switched. That is all you need to know.
Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless users COME!
Maybe you are right. I'm super happy with G Pro, that's why I don't even think other manufacturers at the moment. But S1mple is using this new model :DDD
Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless users COME!
Guess I have to make this thread again in few months when more players have this mouse LUL
Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless users COME!
Yea I know, I'm just looking for how different it feels in game and stuff like that. Are they happy they switched etc
Wireless is better. I will never go back to wired after using G Pro Wireless for a year or something at this point.
jamppi to valorant
He just downloaded the game some time ago LOL, already thinks he is pro
Zywoo Salary/Worth?
Well if complexity says you get 50k a month, and vitality says you get 5k a month, you would go complexity no matter what. Vitality had to make decent deal out of respect. And Zywoo is represented by ...
I can honestly say I have stopped visiting reddit, unless there is some specific question about some game. Getting around bug or some shit like that. The actual active people there are circle-jerking...
Fortnite is pretty cool
I try to out-aim them with my CS:GO aim.. not compete with building shit
Fortnite is pretty cool
Ok downloading right now. I give it a chance