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Top 3 things you love and hate in your country
Up to 12 years prison for pedophilia, in some cases people get mentally help, in other situations, they get up to 12 years.
Top 3 things you love and hate in your country
Scared to play ranked
Scared to play ranked
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Jumanji Fast and furious MIB Rush Hour Rambo Bad Boy Mazerunner
Top 3 things you love and hate in your country
I love: 1. Free school 2. Flexicurity 3. Accepting different cultures, races, religions, etc. I hate: 1. High taxes 2. Arrogant people 3. Weather
Shampoo thins hair?
Maybe thin out the hair at your hairdresser? Shampoo just dries your hair, and you don't want that.
Corona canceled?
You are literally contradicting yourself. How can you say that airports should have been closed, and at the same time the government should try to make people not lose their jobs? Closing airports, ha...
Corona canceled?
Luckily measures have been taken. But generally speaking to many has been implemented. Many EU countries closed their borders, which had a big impact on the economy. Many countries have acted wrongly ...
Corona canceled?
Seasonal influenza does the exact same thing. Covid-19 is a bit stronger, and would, therefore, kill a bit more percentage-wise, but not much.
Corona canceled?
New studies have found that 3% death rate at 60+ age. 0.5% under 40. So yeah, the media have pumped it up to be so deadly and that's wrong.
Corona canceled?
Corona ain't that serious like the media made it seem to be. Germany and most of Europe handled it well and maybe took to many precautions in my opinion.
Monster Energy Drink
Energy drinks are unhealthy. Drinking water only is bestesststst
FaZe gla1ve
FaZe gla1ve
Niko is a true legend, not a bot, like glaive.