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countries you hate to play with/against
We have more white flour than you guys. You just fak each others cousin girls and then create many different creatures out of that. Colombia will soon have tier 1 players and rekt all brasil tryhards
No looks so fake. Have you watched BLAST those fan cameras? FAKE NEWS
rate my clutch
180 IQ 6/8 skills
Yeah I agree. I just feel so bad because I was a supporter of this team since KATOWICE 2015. That was when I first started to play CS and everyone of my friends was rooting for NiP and Fnatic but I fe...
Even in FPL-C you have tudsoN there KEKW
Strange statement
Just above 3000h and level 7/8 on faceit My whole life mostly played solo and even when I played with friends they mostly trolled. I won more games playing with some good mates I had during a game an...
JKS options?
I forgot about JKS Mouz JKS wold be hell of a signing and wold make mouse a real top contender for majors Im just imagining ropz, frozen and JKS running on maps and killing everything they see + they...
rate my -4 with deagle
Shooting 2/8 Movement 0.2/8 Luck 8/8 Overall 2/8
Rio2020 predictions
Faze bad point is NiKo igl KEKW I see final Liquid vs Astralis 2-1 with all three maps very close score
My eyes hurt watching him play. Most brainless player ever that made it to tier 1 competition, to the best team and made them a tier 5 team. Jugi if your reading this please use condoms dont give th...
rate my ace)
rate my ace)
I don't get this, Players them selves started this org but now they weren't allowed to take a break. How retarded is that?!!! Even if wold be playing for another org that they just had normal contrac...