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2 pics > 1 pic
1+ instead of keeping an ancient circle cool edgy logo they changed it to nothing just added name kova that's it
Lynn Vision vs Singularity
Nice logic btw you really think singularity will win in a matchfix tournament in legit one I think they will but not in this shitshow
SAW vs GTZ Bulls
I'm sure they would do that if this match was legit and not fixed
Entropiq vs Dignitas
Imagine betting on shitropiq they lost to mald lions and sinners and they still are favorites even tho dignitas almost won against heroic thanks for free 2.30 odds
Lynn Vision vs Singularity
Lynn vision won a map and almost a match against g2 should be a easy win for them against singularity
G2 vs MIBR
that was the old lineup i miss the old g2 lineup
G2 vs MIBR
true we will see if they win i never seen g2 win any grand final for a while
G2 vs MIBR
"something" no prize money and nothing
From Berlin to Stockholm - What has changed?
FeelsStrongMan Clap i miss old teams today its just so boring watching online matches
adreN to miss PGL Major Stockholm
Sadge but the mans got a life just leave him alone dude so many rude comments he will be back and liquid will win no need to fking go all in on him
its obviously will be inferno cmon man no bo3 :(
PGL Major Stockholm Challengers Stage first-round matchups drawn
PGL Major Stockholm Challengers Stage first-round matchups drawn
why is heroic always getting easy match ups? like i was expecting something like tyloo vs sharks but nah just put them on t1 team right away im so mad
Triumph vs Bad News Bears
2-0 my dick ez 2-1 for triumph