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-flamie +buster
Flamie is young too wtf
go play tetris
Pieces dont collapse on egdes? I remember this different back in childhood
most clutch players 2020
Actually I seen a lot of times him clutching so no suprise
Math pros come
Now it makes sense, still its one of the easiest tho just need to know the rule about shortcut
Math pros come
Is it |2x-3|= 3 or |2|x |-3| =3 ? Its really a difference because if you had one mod it will be x € (0,3) but if not you just divide the mods and x = 3
Best mouse you've ever used for CS?
Zowie fk1. No mouse felt better than this one
Liquid +junior +vanity
How aim is relevant when hes not performing?? Nice looking playstyle =/= results and performance Its like saying Scream were top1 because he had the smoothest aim at his period
your dream job
FaZe Igl
Liquid +junior +vanity
+1 this argentinian is so fucking delusional hilarious stuff
Liquid +junior +vanity
Lmao actually es3tag proved himself even before leaving Heroic. Smooya got a chance that he fucked ( he couldnt handle awp in t1) playing okayish at this level is not enough but what Argentina can kno...
r8 4k entry
Lmao i play default palace and always going for stars/jungle prefire or going first on pushes. Anyone who let ppl go ramp first while in Palace is a baiter i can agree
r8 4k entry
No single flash thrown Australia in the nutshell But nice entries man, guy from ct beefd so hard
Liquid +junior +vanity
Why did i ever answer. you like a loop, melted burger brain
sAw vs Sprout
I mean i think Sprout kinda throw on purpose just to make shuffles much more relevant