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Well I'm just an Average csgo player Est October 2017 still love the game even with all the hackers and smurfs
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honestly i hate both S1mple and Zywoo nothing against them or their teams but their fanbases are the most cringy fucking shit in HLTV and pretty much every day there's a dozen or more repetitive threa...
scariest AWPer? [poll]
oh yea he's the main reason they fucking nerfed the Awp had they not nerfed the Awp je probably would have won 3 more Majors
scariest AWPer? [poll]
the reason i say Kenny is just remember he was the the main reason they nerfed the Awp because he was too good possibly the only nerf in gaming history that was solely based to target one player
see X is a guy that i swear to god before he died i literally never heard of him before then the second he died for like 1-2 weeks everyone i knew could not shut the fuck up about him
if s1mple will get #1
sure why not
Navi laugh thread
wow what a fucking debut match for this new Liquid Lineup actually beating Navi on Nuke one of the best Nuke teams rn
Big Tech
nt Grammar Nazi
Big Tech
ah if only it were that easy sure you can not listen to all forms of Media but just because you ignore a problem does not mean it will go away reality is the Media at least in America are colluding w...
Capital of the world
ah fuck it I'm gonna say Cork Ireland
Capital of the world
oh yea like let's not be fooled here London is a fucking shithole that is literally been getting worse for decades scary fact is it's not even 50% English anymore
Capital of the world
tbh i have actually been to Brussels really nice city i found a Monster energy on sale for 1 euro 6 cents the significance of this is the cheapest i have ever seen Monster on sale
Capital of the world
oh yea Newyork really is a shit hole don't get distracted by the fancy buildings the actual living conditions are terrible like you look at Queens , Brooklyn , The Bronx , Manhattan , State...