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Well I'm just an Average csgo player Est October 2017 still love the game even with all the hackers and smurfs
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pros you killed
i think it's absolutely sad how people brag about that 1 time they killed a pro in a dm when odds are they probably spawned in right behind them and killed them with an awp at point blank range
I R8 your NATION
Republic Of Ireland
+grim is a bad move
i know grim is not best player and prob not even top 30 but Liquid needed to change it up Nitro has been declining for months they need new life in the team what makes me laugh is in the unlikely eve...
Canada VS Europe
Quebec is the Florida and the New jersey of Canada at the same time
+grim is a bad move
i mean look do you think he's worse then Nitro a aged player who has been under performing pretty much since Berlin 2019
Past century fav song? just these
i wouldn't say top 1 just yet but he will 100% be an improvement and anyone who says otherwise is either baiting or retarded
+Edward back in navi?
he surprisingly played really good there's still life in the old guy
no topics about games/players
I've only ever posted 1 thread and that was that 1 day Faceit thought it would be a smart idea to bring in team damage after watching 2 enemy players spam kill their team with no auto cool down i deci...
see Joe Biden the secret to him is he's only a temp guy meaning if he wins he will quickly be removed and whoever his Vice president is will become president by removed i mean he will honorably step d...