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there are also russian hubs for russians what they dont use
and then you will lose game because of this russian bot in team
Akuma Cheating (?)
all russian ''pros'' who called akuma cheaters will lose soon career ,they show how bad russians they are only can talk when lose in fair match ,they are just better and organiztions lose money and st...
Akuma Cheating (?)
you found out you are bot ,and dont know how best players play cs .lol you know what is hltv but you dont understand how to play cs right hahah funny ,100 % you are russian
Fiend vs K23
no it was obv troll othervice its time to leave pro scene ,how can you make mistake who coast all game ,and it was goldnova mistake ,he just needs to live and kill bomber ,he swinged like 3meters to o...
"Niko is toxic ego player"
if you are not toxic you dont love game ;)
Fiend vs K23
10 sec last round , victor opens and dies when he needs to hold bomb .what a joke in pro scene .fucking bots
Rest in Peace Next1
bro just dont argue ,take your vaccine ,just remember my name when you will be sick and die from unknown liquid ,and remember people are always died and will die from viruses , its about humans health...
Rest in Peace Next1
haahah from russian vaccine people are dead already ,gl with yourself , russian vaccine is blocked in all world because people die from it after 40 ,and they say it when half world get vaccine ,gl tak...
Rest in Peace Next1
bro after 2-3 years you will not cant type comments or your kids will not ,becouse you will die from vaccine bro ;) gl
r1nkle cheat?