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eternal fire
yes because of several things; streamers/influencers Turkish players sucked at cs so it is normal for a change for them Turkey has an internet issue there are some little details as well but these 3 a...
Spirit vs Eternal Fire
EF has been playing good after Movistar Riders match. Still they will be inconsistent probably at least for a while but the team improved its basic gameplan. Still Spirit will win probably. I wanna s...
eternal fire
if you say 40k because of wtcn, don't worry, their viewers watch him whenever he streams. It's not about valorant, also valorant is new. After some time, people will get bored.
Major tickets tomorrow!
yeah i told that too but he asked an official statement and we don't have rn.
Major tickets tomorrow!
you're right but rn we don't have official answer. I think the last day for Swedish government to accept the requirements was September 15(today) according to PGL so probably we'll see an update soon.
Major tickets tomorrow!
Cool, thanks for the info
Major tickets tomorrow!
because after the Stockholm announcement there were 2 issues and both are fixed. 1st one was this 2nd one ...
Major tickets tomorrow!
Stockholm reamined same but idk what is arena's name.
Major tickets tomorrow!
hltv didn't enter a thread but 2nd requirement is done too, i think prof said it on hltv confirmed or i saw it from news. Swedish government will lift the restrictions for events like this end of Sept...
Eternal Fire vs fnatic
It would be so funny if EF wins this
Eternal Fire vs Movistar Riders
you called it. "Turkish" super team. best Turkish players all together.
NiKo IGL in G2
Someone help me find a player
was he a new player or old player? I have 5-10 mins before going bed i can search some tournaments for you
turk come
i'm not that sure because i'm not using hepsiburada but i believe if the seller is hepsiburada itself, it is trustable.