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Rip Zywoo
Because he is the best player. He played 2 major final, won ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice. This year he didn't get #1 because of RMR(Zywoo hltv article shows that, also hltv lists are shit) Zywoo...
Woxic And Calyx
Sangal don't need another washed up player like woxic. +Calyx and +xfl0ud is enough.
Sangal vs SKADE
experience means shit. We already have MAJ3R paz and hardstyle, we don't need another washed up bad player. Calyx would be huge upgrade, xfl0ud would be upgrade aswell.
Sangal vs SKADE
Vertigo is Sangal's home map.
Does s1mple really bait?
Does s1mple really bait?
0/8 you are talking nonsense.
s1mple #2 because of RMR
s1mple missed eu rmr because of valve's rules. Zywoo missed Katowice because they sucked in Katowice.
s1mple #2 because of RMR
But NA is whole another region. NaVi can play in EU tournaments but he had to play RMR in CIS. We are talking about RMR bro.
good photo
imorr problem
tarik's Turkish is 4 times worse than maj3r. Probably he can understand some but can't talk properly. Also getting tarik is not realistic :D Sangal can't afford tarik
imorr problem
Also ngin and maj3r don't have proper Turkish. So it hurts communication
imorr problem
He is inconsistent af. Also his English is not great. His style is not good for team play. But he is very skilled. Who knows maybe one day he can reach top level.. Hope this will happen. Even in Sang...
Sangal vs GamerLegion
2-0 Sangal hopefully
BIG vs Sprout
EPEC Sprout confirmed, let's see who will take DH Open January 2021 spot.
Top5/10/etc clarifications - Professeur and Striker
okay thanks