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Young Ninjas vs Copenhagen Flames
ESIC tends not to care about underage BOTtors making claims about matchfixing with the evidence amounting to "I lost my BOT". Now, if there were any suspicious odds movements, that might give rise to ...
He guessed right. That's literally all there is to it. Watch the fucking penalties; they are absolute trash (except the one that hit the post that was just unluko).
Props to england
At least the child got one sentence right; thats an improvement from 0/25.
Not when you put in unexperienced children at the highest-pressure moment in the world, genius...
Well Played ITALY!!
Exactly. It's nice to see that some people actually can read, see and think.
Well Played ITALY!!
How am I deluded? I am the one making factual arguments, whereas you are just... you know: being a fucking idiot and typing really fast without reading or thinking. I have no opinion on whether Denma...
Well Played ITALY!!
first, i'm not english. second, nobody could possibly get rolled by you; you're too fucking stupid and too wrong, kid.
Well Played ITALY!!
I'm not saying what would have happened (although you would note, had you half a brain functioning, that England actually scored a goal that should NOT have been disallowed; unlike Denmark); I'm sayin...
Southgate responsible
this was my only thought
Well Played ITALY!!
How so? He would have disallowed the free kick and outside of those two situations England was easily the better team in that match—especially in OT. While the penalty was an obvious dive, you kids ar...
Well Played ITALY!!
I mean, the free kick should have been disallowed, too, on top of which England was easily the better team, so I don't think the OUTCOME was unfair...