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fnatic wake up PLS
RIP Brollan, he's with that shit until 2024.....
AK-47: Redline vs Slate
Slate looks so boring, redline better BY FAR!!!!!
Top5 Worst roster moves in CSGO
I thought Astralis was ruined way before device left KEKW
Faze will win
FaZe lose to FURIA = disband asap.
If NiP wins a major.....
Imagine Astralis vs NIP in PGL Stockholm Major Grand Final, last round of the third map. device makes some insane clutch and wins the major for NIP.
Device price
G2 paid buyout, device was not under contract.
Astralis Awper?
s1mple hinting astralis roster
C9 might try to rebuild cs roster around es3tag. No fucking way they are selling him/ letting him go after paying 2mil lmao.
PIMP joins Nordavind
LMAO NaVi MAYBE but Astralis......I think theyr done. I mean, gla1ve probably retiring, xyp9x is shit. Bubzkji is just horrible. What do they have left? buy es3tag back for 2mil?+ :O:O:O:O What possi...
Xyp9x career over?
True, C9 will never give up es3tag for cheap and Astralis cant wait forever. Major incoming + other big events. They are screwed with only having bubzkji to play around with....
suNny flusha org?
lmao, funding should be in order atleast.
He saw opportunity to punish the noob awpplayer @ stairs. Then he got awp and had 3 kills. I think he would have done everything same on lan.
"CaDiAn'S cLutCh isn't ThE BesT"
Actually true, given the fact that it was last round of a bo5 grand final. Absolutely deserves a graffiti. It wasnt just the cluctch, it was the situation. Last map, match point, no armor, knife kill,...