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Elec lmao 6.Ax1le 5.hobbit 4.Niko 3.Zywoo 2.sh1ro 1.s1mple
f0rest and friberg commit to Dignitas for 2022*
Can we get a swedish Last Dance? Oh wait, Dignitas have been it for a couple of years now LMAO
Farlig goes into free agency
-Lucky +Farlig WHEN????????????? Soon........
nitr0 makes CS:GO return with Liquid
Toxic Stewbot is gone, thats the best news for TL coming into 2022.
nitr0 makes CS:GO return with Liquid
Why the f anyone would sign oBo? They guy left coL hanging and went home. Worst move ever.....
Vitality Esports Director: "When this team starts winning, we will win for a long, long time"
First few tournaments will be crucial. If they fail, it could be the biggest flop in csgo. Even tho dupreeh&magisk are still decent players, this could go horribly wrong.
Vitality Esports Director: "When this team starts winning, we will win for a long, long time"
10000% sure this will happen. Last Dance......
Aleksib haters malding hard
allu will infiltrate G2 and kick aleksib, you love to see it!!! OMEGALULLLL
G2 destroying their roster
jackz = hs machine thats why
Vitality sign Magisk, dupreeh, zonic: "It's now time to think internationally"
This is fucking HUUUUUUGE!!! Definetely title contender if they manage to get things rolling asap. But like with every great team, it usually takes time. so maybe 2023 or end of 2022.
Biggest flop prediction?
FaZe with karrigan will never win anything. RIP ropz. New Vitality could win something but not G2 because Niko is IGL. U think Niko will let aleksib IGL????? NEVER OMEGALUL!!!!
Aleksib and nexa swap agreed - Report
LMAO, aleksib isnt going to IGL, NiKo is IGLing. Everyone knows that, even aleksib KEKWKEKWKEKW..... So what is his role, entry?
Liquid era?
Its such a tragedy that Liquid wasnt the same after the 2019 summerbreak. It would have been nice to see them win a major at Berlin.
Gone, but not to be forgotten: The legacy of Astralis, the greatest team of all time (Part 1)