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Using "like" makes your sentence more generalist. It helps when you don't know exactly how to say what you want to say. But again, it's a language vice, so it can come out because of anxiety, being ne...
Because they make fun of everything. Internet is a toxic "place" full of trolls, and Twitch chat is one of the worst reunions of those individuals. Along with hltv's forums
Search for fer and aleksiB's interviews. You're gonna be LIKE'D so much you'll be liking to like everything, like, alike. But as someone else said, it's because english is not his primary language, a...
You actually can. He uses Twitter a lot and I've seen him responding non "celebrities". You should give it a try!
arT > fer ?
They're absolutely different. Fer used to rush in sort of a sneaky way, trying to find breaches and make those round winning plays. arT is aggressive because he plays for information, to create press...
Yuurih > Coldzera
#32 or #30, and this could go on forever, but you think you're right for no reason
Yuurih > Coldzera
it's not like Yuurih reached his prime yet, we don't know that
Rain and ColdZera
He is playing B on CT side Train, yes, but he used to have TACO with him, and TACO was the anchor. Cold's being the anchor for FaZe now. So just because he is playing on the same bombsite, doesn't me...
Rain and ColdZera
cold has been playing in different positions since he left mibr. His role is not exactly the same as well, so of course he won't perform the same. In LG/SK/MIBR he was the star, so a lot of things rev...
Rain and ColdZera
zywoo had a 2/17 game recently, does that mean he doesn't have crispy aim?
Why are Brazilians so Passionate?
I agree with almost everything you said, but the football part. "Brasil é o país do futebol" and shit. Brazilians kinda like other sports too, but mostly like you said: it's momentum based. Football i...
Why are Brazilians so Passionate?
You forgot one very important thing: football. Most brazilians CS fans are also football fans. And the culture around football here (yes, I fakeflag), at least when it comes to the fans, is absurdly ...
That's not as common as you think