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Mythic vs Swedish Canadians
This fucking SC team need to disband, ppl in mm play better than them
Hard Legion vs Nemiga
Unfotunate but what can you do, if you take their aim away, idk how some players are even in the pro scene
Hard Legion vs Nemiga
I ve been following nemiga recently and I can tell, that he and spellan from skade are probably, 1 the worst awpers and 2 the dumbest players
Hard Legion vs Nemiga
Tbh Jyo is probably one of the most braindead pro players, they need to take the awp away from his hands forever and just let him sit on site and dont do anything else, cuz he simply can't do anything...
Syman vs sAw
15-10 lose 10-5 on t side and winning force buy after pistol, still lose Man what more do you need to close a single game?
FATE vs Illuminar
+1 :)
FATE vs Illuminar
What did I tell you?
FATE vs Illuminar
Fate would give up the others for this, this is a consolidation final, the others are just formal mdl league matches, why would they give up consolidation final for some random matches?
Illuminar vs HellRaisers
HL B5 Close with Endpoint, series could have gone either way
Illuminar vs HellRaisers
Imagine beating teams better than you and then lose against teams that are way worse than you xD
HellRaisers vs FATE
Flarich and Kalinka need to retire
NiP vs OG
I feel sorry for OG man, I think they have already reached as high as they can, they all need a change!!
Allu should hang it up now, he's had enough blunders
FaZe vs Spirit
1+, extremely lucky to even get to the ot's
Gambit Youngsters vs Sprout