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Richard Lewis
They dont tend to care how people take their opinions (although they are usually correct), RL has done a lot of investigative work into matchfixing and has been a key player since 2014 in exposing it ...
UK come here
Pretty unlikely but would be nice
rate my 1v5 clutch
Bruh ur enemy team was so fucking donkey shit its unreal
eternaljay and dweg
They bring a lot of hype to lower tier matches, honestly I find it a bit annoying as they hype up small things but I think they have to do that to stay relevant. Maybe give them a chance in group sta...
I know English isnt your first language so ill give you the benefit of the doubt. What I was saying is that his original criticism back in APRIL was that its sad they couldn't win anything due to shi...
No, i just enjoy seeing people scramble when confronted with undeniable facts because it makes them feel really stupid even if they wont admit it ;D
Thorin? He said that the T sides were lacking and they'd make the same mistakes over and over again and that they should get rid of flamie ALL...
Native English speakers come here
Im not very good between Dutch and German tbh, nor Belgian and French, but other than that its pretty easy
Native English speakers come here
No but its very easy to judge what sort of place you're from. If I queue CS the best English speakers are usually from Western Europe due to being taught it and needing it whereas id assume people wit...