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FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Im talking about NA in general, although you are right some points only apply to specific teams. Key point = highest ranked online player. My point is they arent waiting for LAN to return, they are n...
joe biden
Ok? You asked me the failures of the US and i gave them. They were intended to represent the people in a time of authoritarian monarchies = FAIL It was supposed to have small government and power for...
UK invented over 50% of the worlds most valuable research, obviously thats up for debate but it was done by an unbiased Japanese trade department. We have defied the odds of making an impact despite ...
you must be delusional if you think trump wants ww3 with china
joe biden
The people lack control of the government The government has too much power It is a two party government Its people are divided and lack a common dream Its media and corporations are too powerful
Europeans come here
Ye for sure, as long as u dont have a retarded accent
joe biden
Just as every election in recent history, its a choice between shit and shitter. There is no reality to elections any more, they can promise whatever the fuck they want and go back on it and still get...
One interesting thing about ur country
We arent completely overran with immigrants like people on HLTV like to think
FaZe - Astralis shuffle ?
Apart from the fact they are A) losing to Brazilians B) making roster moves despite it being online showing lack of confidence in current team C) several have admitted that the European scene is w...
Rank majors you've seen
because of 2 matches its your best major ever waddafak
Hamilton good or lucky?
+1 for sure
UK come here
Town near Brighton