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Flashpoint 3
Casters are good Analysts are alright Audio needs to be fixed Desk host is good Break content is 2nd only to Blast Production value is the best in the industry
jackinho overrated or not?
+1 exactly this
jackinho overrated or not?
underrated af, as an awper hes been really good he just needs the rest of the team to step up and find consistency.
Underrated Anime
At the end of the day its entertainment, people watch the entertaining products. If your shit or stuff you like is less popular, chances are its less entertaining
500k viewers
PGL Stockholm Quarter final - NaVi vs Gambit Quarter final - Fnatic vs G2 Quarter final - NiP vs Astralis Quarter final - Liquid vs Furia Semi final - Fnatic vs Liquid Semi final - NaVi vs NiP Fin...
500k viewers
Yeah but that was on LAN
Underrated Anime
I don't know if you just have a poor grasp of the English language or presenting yourself as a pseudo-intellectual but ill just say you are definitely putting yourself across as a bit of an idiot mate...
Underrated Anime
No anime is just a type of art style, it doesn't mean that's the entire product or even the focus of it I think you either choose not to or refuse to acknowledge that there are thousands of vastly di...
Underrated Anime
I mean i wouldnt tell you what to do but if you deny yourself to an entire group of amazing stories just because of the animation style then I think that's pretty dumb
Dinko and Hawka
I like Hawka a lot man, like too much, like way too much as in i want to have a meaningful relationship with him, like a really intimate relationship
I mean as OP said the whole UK is a melting pot, I think I've got something like 20% Scottish in me despite our family not knowing of any ties and then like 10% German.
Ye to become our retirement home lmao
If you split by nations and some counties Scotland Wales = Celt Cornwall = Celt England = Germanic Latin mostly influenced our language as it was a very small minority of Frenchman ruling over us me...
Happy EU day!
"Your country was a huge pain in the ass for Europe, creating drama, being disrespectful over and over and honestly We don't need you back. You guys wanted to be alone and now It's time for you to enj...