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Forum posts vs BIG
who ever underdog is , he is going to win the map , this is how flashpoint works vs BIG
yep it was soo predictable that big will win but mirage they just had to suck massive donger vs BIG
they throw their regional tourney regularly so it doesnt matter , they lost against NLG and the next day beat nip 2-0 vs BIG
every single match in cs is a clownfiesta , i pray this game to die asap , i ve had enough of this bs vs BIG
if u think this result is normal then u are a delusional casual vs BIG
bigs t side = everyone split LITERALLY EVERYONE SPLIT vs BIG
Doesnt know how to bet lmao , i know this bs way better than you , the fact that big are sucking so hard against fucking vp is a fucking BS and its a fact vs BIG
ok flashpoint is a fucking cancer , i am never betting on this shit again vs BIG
lmao big fucking clowns
Chaos vs Rebirth
see u think its normal , but i dont fuckingt want to deal with that shit , doesnt matter what fucking tourney it is , u have 10 ppl on the server 5 for one side 5 for another , everything else should ...
Chaos vs Rebirth
i remember i lost 800 dollars on rebirth when they lost against fucking advanced team , fucking cs is so fucking random its disgusting
MAD Lions vs Envy
dude do u even watch the game , envy are so fucking BAD , there is noway they win a map , i have no idea how they fucking beat big in one of the maps and almost won the series , they are absolutely te...
MAD Lions vs Envy
they wont even get 10 rounds on 2nd map , envy is fucking trash , now i can see why they are always an underdog
MAD Lions vs Envy
Round over - Winner: T (2 - 1) - Enemy eliminated refrezh killed MICHU with m4a1 (headshot) refrezh planted the bomb (1on1) refrezh killed LEGIJA with m4a1 LEGIJA killed roeJ with mac10 roeJ killed Ni...
MAD Lions vs Envy
after what i ve seen on mirage , i can already see Envy making extra useless rotations on ct side of overpass . I can see them losing BADLY , almost a guaranteed 2-0 , can almost beat a house and not ...