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Mobile esports > pc
Battlfield on mobile game is truly equal to your wallet size
"Friends" on holidays without me
They were never your friends and they are just unbelivably stupid good example of being adult wit kid brain
My mom
If its your hobby and passion she os totally incorrect and wrong but if it affect your main golas in life like finding a decent job then it is realy a problem
Your AWP skin (Tier 1 thread)
No XD unicorn i just a meme in my friends Group and back in 2015 i found an unicorn with d@#$ instead of horn
By leave
Your AWP skin (Tier 1 thread)
Neo-noir ft stat track with unicorn holo on scope beacause my nick contain unicorn
Legija is temporary but who knows which direction envy will pick
Europe and NA, come
U picked wrong forum for wholesomeness but congrats on yours independence and gl in future
For me ithey wanna stay NA team: Leaf ,xeppa maybe curry or if they wanna change igl nitr0 But there is more docent free players in eu: Smooya,oskar,rallen and all player that was mentioned by #13 (i ...
Vel'koz op?
worse are boosters and carry strategies( taric/yi,lulu/twitch)you can easily start winni by broken or op champs what is called meta its nothing wron all this champs need at least some practice except ...
Vel'koz op?
U can always try play broker champ against broker champ like fizz (low elo/high elo not recomended),zoe(low elo/high elo need some practice at q +r combo),vlad (low/high elo late game carry machine ju...
HLTV Forums Shutting Down
I got an idea just add simple function rating of threads and comment if comment or thread earn enough minus it get hide and or deleted that will help moderation to take care about most toxic behavior
For him was bad he except to be polish astralis wit illuminar
Ago is fine or i missed something?
Wow i've never seen someone swallowed that hard by propaganda.Hope soomeone will help you in your mental breakdown