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dota 2 best hero ?
Probably but Enigma, Tide, Rubick and Dark Seer can turn around fight with ease if played properly. Naga is also becoming very strong this time around. It all becomes a matter of team comp but yeah, ...
oversick clip by me
even on clips, the essence and the meaning of them is on the frags. When you aren't able to see them there's no point on doing it
oversick clip by me
He meant that the video is really overedited. People usually like simpler edits, almost no effects at all so the action can be more user friedly and everything is clear during it.
How could csp replace cs:go as the main esports game?
CS:GO will have most of the prize money if Promod comes into the scene. But in the end CS:GO just came to split the community once again because people aren't forced to adapt neither to play a game th...
Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid
read the post and you'll find yourself the answer
HLTV's Army
Counter-Strike 1.6
made my day xD
if it is, it isn't the 2012 gui or at least not the legit
http://www.fnatic.com/downloads/718/Fnatic-CS-GUI-2012.html Is it that hard to search on your own? 10 seconds and I got it...
Behind the scenes of CS:GO cinematic
I know all of that. I was just stating things for that guy to understand that Riot Games isn't a pioneer in the industry by any means and neither Valve is.
Behind the scenes of CS:GO cinematic
Probably yes on the release of the Burning crusade patch for WoW, but I was only refering Valve-Riot Games. Probably ID Software made it before to Quake 3. I know Valve did one back in early 2000's ...
Behind the scenes of CS:GO cinematic
Valve made cinematics even before Riot Games existed. Get your shit right
HLTV bug
He's saying that he's experiencing the same issues a hltv provides while he's playing on a pub/dm/gather/mix/pcw. Bugs like someone that was killed earlier in the round still shows in the "death-cam" ...
USB uses processing time and PS2 it's "mechanical". It made the difference when PCs weren't that much powerful but nowadays motherboards don't even come with PS2 slots because they became obsolete ;)
Install SplitCam(freeware). It's a webcam management program and it should do everything you need with it ;)