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Photos: NAVI, Astralis check their notes on day two of BLAST Premier Fall Final
He has a danish passport so, I presume he travelled there to receive his medals. Might be there for arena event as well.
EPL Season 15 Conference set to begin
because It is technically a qualifier and the prize pool is so low just 27,000$. also there are so many teams from different region that they won't be able to put a prize on each player comparing it t...
Gambit vs fnatic
Indians come here
most of Indian CS pros are going to Valorant since Riot has focused more on asian scene than Valve.
fnatic vs MAD Lions
Ez for Fnatic. Brollan is fragging out of his mind in this event.
Post-Major shuffle tracker
Great Article to track player transfers after a major event.
fnatic vs SAW
Mirage gets removed and picked. Truly a genius
fnatic vs GamerLegion
So EZ for cursed UK Fnatic. Smooya is going to be So good in this match.
fnatic vs Copenhagen Flames
GO Fnatic!!
Fnatic fluked EPL
My man no one is getting past gambit and Navi at this event. Heroic would be in that line as well if they don't disband before their playoffs. Faze should be embarrassed to have lost a great lead in t...
fnatic go international with addition of ALEX, mezii
lets gOOOO
India Sports
trust me bro
fnatic rising fix
Not everyone is glave man. You are comparing the best IGL with a new one. If you want to compare him to anyone compare with hampus or alex or even msl.
they already have an org just haven't revealed who yet.(might be a new org in CS)
Vitality sign Kyojin
He is not even that young Player to develop like Nivera. Why????