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Gen 5 > Gen 4
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Reddit at its finest #2
Kinda true, the mob mentality of alot of subreddits is absolutely disgusting though
Reddit at its finest #2
Ive already stopped, that subreddit is filled with some of the cringiest shit ive ever seen and its sucks to see what that subreddit went to after it gained a bunch of popularity Some subreddits like...
AWP lol
Alright mate lemme just counter all the "awp is op" arguments First of all the price, 5k for a weapon with a 100$ kill reward and if you looked at the awp kills per round statistics of awpers its wa...
G2 vs Nemiga
KennyS vs 5 incoming
Liquid vs Astralis
AWP lol
No you actually didnt, their were 3 chains of you guys going back and forth and all of them ended in you not responding and spouting your debunked bs at other users but anyways explain to me how the a...
stewie 2 trash
Very hilarious mate Anyways here are some examples of teams that got worse after kicking players for pretty shit reasons Ence Envyus Mad lions Nip (kinda) Faze in 2019 G2 in 2018
AWP lol
Unfortunately i dont, i think the thread actually got deleted but holy shit it was legendary lmao I might have it bookmarked on one of my devices so ill try to find it
stewie 2 trash
You're bringing up 1 "succesful" roster change that was absolutely necesarry In this case with liquid it isnt at all, twistzz has questionable stats but he hast states that he is playing support pos...
stewie 2 trash
Do ypu even watch their games?
Furry threads
It was a bait lmao Just decided to bump this because im bored as hell
Im going to start collecting consoles As of right now i have a dreamcast, OG xbox,gamecube,ps2,ps1,mega drive and a nes I need a sega saturn,n64,snes and a gameboy and game gear
Furry threads
Reddit at its finest #2