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Im a friendly mens))
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Hltv delusional ?
Jack4000 finally has sine sense???? What is happening
FaZe = NiKo
The BIG fanbase are toxic kids trying to act overly kind and excited, and its extremely annoying
Top 20 of 2020
couldnt have put it better myself.
Your unpopular opinion?
I feel like it was boring because they just demolished everyone. I like how the cs pro scene is now, because there is no definitive top one, unlike other years, such as NiP in 2013/14, Fnatic in 2015,...
make a dream team
aleksi as entry? His calling style works so much better if he is alive
Virtus Pro
buster i think
Jackz is a good enough entry, hes just in a down period right now, when he was playing well so were G2. G2 are just underperforming.
NaVi haters come here
I dont know if i want him to, but i think he will move. He seems unsettled in Faze, and i think Hunter is a big pull factor for him
Why Amanek?
Niko throws utility a lot of the time on faze, if you watch the games. He is normally left in the clutch because he is absolutely insane. Niko can the supporting element when it come to utility, and N...
NaVi haters come here
https://www.hltv.org/forums/threads/2358864/kennys This thread i made would like to disagree with you.
NaVi haters come here
it was, yes
G2 plastic fans?
I dont think itll be as bad, it wont be good though
NaVi haters come here
sorry i cant hear you all the way up simple's ass
Map advantage
Oh, right, I should. Thank you men))
NaVi haters come here
ooga booga s0mple played worse than usually