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Biden wtf?
Biden is a leftist?
device haters come here
We are also good in Tenis? But sure, About 4 times as many people play badminton and more people watch the badminton OL so what are you on about? Why does it even matter? He was 15 when he was scouted...
device haters come here
Sure Sweden outdoes denmark... not netherlands though.
- No dude, it's an open company they get to choose themselves what they work on. This is very good for employees as they get to do whatever they wan't but it also means the games are vy unbalanced. CS...
Half Life 3 was the VR half life
How do we accept sexism?
What are you proving by just showing the same quote. I explained it, and made it clear i was well aware that it was not true thus making it clear it was an exaggeration. Like i would say, wow it feels...
How do we accept sexism?
Yeah, it's an exaggeration. The amount of black superiority next to white is so small it might aswell had been nothing.
How do we accept sexism?
Let's just point out the obvious, it was an exaggeration. The Ghana king in like year 1000 went to Europe spending billions perhaps even trillions showing off how great black people were and how he wa...
How do we accept sexism?
I disagree, i don't think women should be forced to go to the military at all. I mean hitler was fine with send 13-15 year old boys but not women. He wasn't really a sexist, even though the state was ...
How do we accept sexism?
About what?... i don't think this really disprooves anything. It only further proves my point you had to find some obscure irelevant historic event when it's literally difficult to find anything histo...