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Top10 after LANs back
Bold to asume that BIG isn't an onliner team but Heroic and Spirit is Double standards
pro life dilemma
Im obviously not super in with when you can abort in all countries, but the last available date here in Denmark is 12 weeks, right before the fetus begins to develop a nerve system and early developme...
pro life dilemma
There are restrictions on when you can abort, if it's too late you can give away the child in adoption asuming you live in a decent country. Wait what? How does that hold up??? My main argument is t...
Race and IQ and country wealth
The research is not done by North Korea so i don't think it matters " The displayed IQ was averaged out of the results of 9 international studies and compared to the average income and government exp...
pro life dilemma
pro life dilemma
Because a 6 week old baby has yet to develop a nerve system that can feel pain, it has no emotion and only the mother/father have any emotional connection to it who of course are the ones to make the ...
pro life dilemma
To be fair, i have nothing to defend you, yeah no, Why would you support the death penalty at all? I get being pro life but the death penalty?
Eras in CSGO
CIS don't really deserve the title of an "Era" which would asume they are dominating the game I mean outside NAVI they haven't won any titles and NAVi haven't even won that many. Astralis and Vitalit...
What is your political belief (poll)
Did not expect far-right to be lowest tbh But i guess that's just because they are the most vocal :)