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faze fix
-Bymas +ALEX Faze need an actual IGL that doesn't do the boneheaded T-side strats NiKo seems to love and let him frag instead. Or kick Janko and get an actual coach (Kassad?) who keeps NiKo's ego in c...
Vitality vs BIG
Good finals, BIG should be proud of themselves no matter the result.
200IQ play by BIG to embrace the BRA71L meme and then smashing OG 15 rounds in a row to win.
Vitality vs BIG
-lose upper bracket match against a French team -work back to grand finals against the same team -drop a map and then reverse sweep It’s a win-win for BIG no-matter the result.
Elige Aimlock against Furia
Gaules LMAO
Do you? Why do you assume the ratio of death threats to population remains the same amongst both NA and BR? Are you going to provide a source that supports that argument? The only death threats I've s...
Gaules LMAO
Bigger doesn't equal more death threats son.
Agreed, BIG look the best right now. The rest of the teams shit the bed one way or another.
FaZe vs BIG
Faze picked Dust2, yet they have no clue how to play long. The same exact thing happened in their Vitality match.
G2 is the worst #1 ever??
At least Na'Vi and EG won something. G2 on the other hand...
G2 always throws their map pick for some reason.
fnatic vs mousesports
Remember when these two teams were in the ESL Pro League Season 11 finals? How the mighty have fallen.
Natus Vincere vs Gambit Youngsters
EZ 4 Toyota Supra.
fnatic vs c0ntact
Holy fuck, I clicked off thinking Fnatic were going to win and now we're going to Map 3.
Yeah vs MIBR
The timing of this match couldn’t be any worse (or better depending how you see it).