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G2 and NiKo
Nah man, everyone wants to lift trophies and be the best. Fans aside, I think Niko himself remembers the shit he used to pull off and he is probably also not satisfied with his own performance. If he ...
G2 and NiKo
Niko is not the star he used to be. His performances are underwhelming for people who have seen him at his best, but I guess get used to it.
fix NAVI
I am looking for people who are easier to get, Nivera is a free agent, for total fantasy you may as well buy zywoo XD
he killed junior there on exit a moment ago, and he had awp, so, when they smoke, they might be trying to pick the awp inside the smoke. hence the smoke spam.
Most underrated players?
Brollan, even now people think he was only good with krieg. Some people just don't watch matches
fix NAVI
Go international, -blad3 +zews (EG coach, not previous navi captain) -flamie +Nivera (secondary awper, proved he can play in tier1). Give it a month or two then see if you need a new igl or not.
Natus VIncere
makes sense, to me the lineup was more like flusha, KRIMZ, Brollan, REZ and a decent/passive awper like nawwk, basically the same thing, REZ over JW and a consistent awper, igl I prefer flusha over go...
EG Situation
Patience with Jackinho
Optimism is good and all but I don't see it happening. Players improve, Jackinho isn't improving. He spotted 2 players at truck, and had chance to fall back into smoke, but no, he delivered a free ak ...
Did you watch any matches even before krieg? He was always good. KRIMZ and Brollan are the two players keeping Fnatic in contention.
IGL - flusha. Then I can get behind it
Idk on what metric you compare a player with an org. But whatever you do you
Not this krieg brollan stupidity again. He is the entry fragger for fnatic and does a pretty good job even when they are losing. His ak and m4 spray is elige level. REZ and Brollan are 2 insane player...
He is playing flusha's role. And you need hacks to do what flusha does xD