cya in 10 mens((
I _WILL_ return !

A little revenge I have taken on this guy:
(Special thanks to my dear friend s1mple_is_my_flair)
upd: LOL he just got IP banned on all his accounts
upd2: not all accounts, fak :(

(Credits to Kronkell)



(Credits to volvo_making_lot_of_money)
Disclaimer: Those logos don't work on phone, unless the option "Desktop site" is turned on.

#freeI_car #freegünT #freeDiscodiplan #freeTheJuan #freecrunchyroll #freeDelirious206 #freevolvo_making_lot_of_money #freeeIe #freewhyisencethrowing #freebrasiI #freeZereeni #freeMental_Case #freeGeorge|Z|friendly_Ukrainian #freeBIGGEST_FAZE_FAN_LULW #freeEliteOfTheMens)) #freeOBJECTIVE_FAN_OF_NAVI #banJonathanE
And now I joined them, into the HLTV heaven...

Former Ok sayer
Big NaVi fan
Vitality and Heroic disliker

LustedSilli is the best HLTV mod !

My dream team:



If NAVI has a million fans I am one of them. If NAVI has ten fans I am one of them. If NAVI has no fans, that means I am no more on the earth. If the World is against NAVI, I am against the World. I love NAVI till my last breath.

Have a nice day mens)) !


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(Credits to Delirious206 and Astralis_6_majors, as well as all the authors of those threads)

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I also appreciate everyone who was supporting me before and after my ban, Thank you mens))
I will not forget you and hopefully, one day, I will return !

Banned users to remember:

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May they RIP.
Hopefully someone will remember me as well

Ban history: (Nothing weird here)

2020-07-06 - Banned (7 days) for saying "ez" (dumb spam)
2020-09-17 - Banned (1 day) for saying "what dosia found success in hellraisers" (dumb spam)
2020-09-18 - Banned (1 day) for saying "Thats OK!"
2020-09-19 - Banned (1 day) for saying "You are german_cheaters :) "
2020-10-08 - Banned (7 days) for saying "lmao"
2020-12-16 - Banned (1 day) for saying "4"
2021-01-07 - Banned (1 day) for saying the "Cry is free" copypasta
2021-01-14 - Banned (3 days) for saying "+1 hahaha" (replied with this to a comment who said that Pakistan has the best T Side)
2021-02-05 - Banned (1 day) for copypasting someone's reply
2021-02-19 - Banned (1 day) for saying "i don't want to get banned due to spam, but #1"
2021-03-13 - Banned (1 day) for saying "lol"
2021-04-13 - Banned (1 day) for saying "+1"
2021-04-18 - Banned (1 day) for saying "+2"
2021-04-18 - Banned (3 days) for "+2" (Ban overlaps with previous ban)
2021-04-22 - Banned (1 day) for saying "#15" (another dumb spam, if I remember correctly )
2021-05-05 - Banned (1 day) for saying "#17" (same as --^)
2021-05-07 - Banned (1 day) for saying "+1"
2021-05-11 - Banned (3 days) for saying "+1111" to a guy who said "Ok"
2021-05-30 - Banned (1 day) for saying "+1" to a guy who said that EPIC League CIS is a trash tournament
2021-07-05 - Banned (10 years)

Total ban count: 20
Undeserved bans: 14

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